Meg is the absolute BEST Tech VA in the industry! She has been a Rockstar behind-the-scenes in my business for almost 3 years now, handling everything I have thrown at her with aplomb and ease. Not to mention a smile and an incredible willingness to 'get things done'. She single-handedly launched my first telesummit (from start to finish), helped me get my first online product built and launched, not to mention creating numerous web pages and other online 'tech' tasks - all with a 'can do' attitude. Meg is that rare combination of incredible customer service AND tech-geek know how - who can handle virtually any tech task (if she doesn't know the answer, she'll find a way!). I am deeply honored to have her on my team. She has been an integral part of building my company to where it is at today. Thank you Meg!

~ Chris Kenney, Owner and Founder, Chris Kenney Coaching

Meg is a Gem of a person to work with. She has so much patience, and wisdom with it.  It used to be sitting down together at the computer, but now it has to be virtual since I moved to Austin TX. However she has so many tricks up her sleeve that she makes it almost as if she is sitting right there - and she is! I am always amazed at what she can do so quickly and efficiently, with no drama. She leaves that to me, as I struggle with this techno world! I'm really grateful that we can still work together being this far apart. Thank you Meg!

~ Heather J. Wolfe, Back to Source

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